About a year ago I got to know a new friend. It was in the beginning of the Corona pandemic when everyone tightened their social circles and didn’t hang out with so many different people. We lived pretty close to each other and our kids became friends so we started to hang out and did so pretty much for a couple of months. Since we both worked from home during this time we kickstarted almost every day with a powerwalk. And what do you do during long walks – you talk. It was a very special experience. We laughed and talked seriously, we shared our highs and lows, joys and sorrows, dreams and fears and we got to know each other amazingly well in a very short period of time.

After a couple of months her birthday was coming up and I really think that no one should be alone on their birthday, so I planned a surprise for her. When that day arrived I had a couple of hours left in the afternoon before I had to leave and all of a sudden this song just came to me. After not having been able to finish writing a song in so many years, I suddenly felt that flow again, which I, for such a long time, had waited and longed for.

So, in one way you can say that this song was kind of the starting point of this whole project, even if I didn’t know that at the time I wrote it. But this song will always be special to me in the same way as the story, the experience and the friendship behind it will be.

If this song awakens anything special in you, speaks to you in any kind of way, if you have a friend or a friendship that’s helped you rise above circumstances and obstacles in life or if you have your own “birthday-story” to tell , I would love to hear from you. Please share your story with me by sending an email to: my017@zeroseventeenproject.com

Thank you so much and take care out there!



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Music & Lyrics: D. Dahlqvist

It’s been awhile for me
Since words came easily
Though life has made me torn
No new songs have been born
But lately things have started
To change in my hometown
The forecast swiftly changed
When a whirlwind turned it upside down

I really don’t know what to say
So instead I try to write a song
For your birthday

Someone like you
Deserves to be seen
Deserves to be cared for
Every now in between
Someone like you deserves more than ok
Deserves to be loved
Not only on your birthday

All the laughter, all the serious talks
On all those countless morning walks
When you dared to let me see the one
You are when all the make up’s gone
I see a flower in the dirt
A precious pearl that has been hurt
But the best in life lies ahead of you
I really do believe that’s true

But I really don’t know what to say…

Someone like you…

Through the good days
And the bad days
Keep the hope within you
Never give up
Never give in
Through it all

Someone like you…

© Goldspring Music, 2021


SHARE YOUR STORY – #myzeroseventeen

THE ZERO SEVENTEEN PROJECT is not only about me. It’s a ”lifeshare-moment” which is a way of sharing experiences, helping each other to rise above the circumstances in life that try to keep us down. I wanna share my life and my stories with you through my songs and through this project. But my hope and prayer is that you want to share your story, too. I believe that everyone have had, is having or will have, their own ”ZERO SEVENTEEN” in life. When our own situation seems hopeless and we stumble in our own darkness, we can find strength and hope in other peoples stories, helping us to keep on fighting and never give up. If my songs or my stories awakens anything in you or remind you of your way up or out, please share it by sending an email to: my017@zeroseventeenproject.com or by using the hashtags #myzeroseventeen or #my017 when posting your story on your social medias. As my oldest daughter once said (she’s wiser than her dad sometimes:) – ”If my painful experiences can help somebody else – then my pain hasn’t been in vain”.

We’re in this life together – Let’s try to make it a little better by start making ”lifeshare-moments”.

Share Your Story!


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Music & Lyrics by Daniel Dahlqvist
Produced, recorded and mixed by Johan Glössner
All instruments by Johan Glössner
Lead vocals by Daniel Dahlqvist
Background vocals by Johan Glössner & Sofia Loell
Mastered by Mats Nilander
Photos by Anders Roos
Video production and A-photo by Ted Karlberg at Attraction Media
Web design & Art Direction by Daniel Karlsson at PCG Malmö
Thanks to Nya Skafferiet, Karlskrona