Releasing ”Savior” is very emotional for me. This song was born out of a reflection of the faith that has been the foundation upon which I have built my whole life. It’s a creed that in one way has been firm, but in another way in a constant transformation. Born and raised in church gave me a lot of good things to carry with me in life and for that I am very grateful. But it also brought some stuff that during the years, sometimes smoothly but sometimes also pretty harsh, have forced me to evaluate where I’ve come from, how it has shaped me, what has been rock solid and what has been shaky ground.

Life has put me through some tests and trials that has both bruised and scarred me. At the same time it has refined my faith. I may have less answers to a lot of life’s tricky questions now, I may think life is much more complicated and I may not be so sure of all the details anymore. But through all this, God, my experience of and my faith in Him has grown both stronger and deeper. Some of you may think I’ve lost it while some of you think I just found something. Some of you may think I’m too vague while some think I’m too certain. Listening to what other people think of me, my music and my message without letting it define me is something I’ve battled a lot through the years. When you listen to this song and when you watch the video, I just have one wish. Dare to open your heart and see where it leads you. I don’t wanna be the one who tells you what is right to do, but I do know that none of us will make it out of this life alive on our own. We’re all in need of a Savior. But your road is not mine. Your road is unique – just like you.

All the songs I’ve released in The Zero Seventeen Project is a collaboration with extremely talented people. To me it’s been more obvious than ever with the release of “Savior”. Johan, who took my words and melodies, used his talents to give them a musical costume and Ted who later on visualized it all in a video. I couldn’t do this on my own. I am extremely thankful and humbled before the fact that two so talented people, wanted to bring their artistry as pieces to the puzzle that now is ready for you to experience.

Thank you all so much for reading, listening and watching. I hope you dare to let it more than scratch your surface. And if this song awakens anything in you, please share your story with me by sending an email to:

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Music & Lyrics: D. Dahlqvist

I don’t want to be the one
Who tells you what is right to do
I don’t want to be someone
Pretending I could see you through
I don’t want to point my finger
Like a modern Pharisee
I can try to give advice
But I don’t wanna patronize

There are so many ”why”:s
I don’t have the answers to
But I know we’re all in need of a

Pretending that we’re strong
But we’re dying trying on our own
We might survive a little while
But in the end we die on our own

Who am I to judge the one
Who choose a different way of life
And choose to tear the body down
With different substances than I
When I am eating far too much
Of the things I love the most
Cause all of us are tearing down
Our temples of the Holy One

We won’t survive
That’s the only thing we know
And that’s why we’re all in need of a



© Goldspring Music, 2021


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THE ZERO SEVENTEEN PROJECT is not only about me. It’s a ”lifeshare-moment” which is a way of sharing experiences, helping each other to rise above the circumstances in life that try to keep us down. I wanna share my life and my stories with you through my songs and through this project. But my hope and prayer is that you want to share your story, too. I believe that everyone have had, is having or will have, their own ”ZERO SEVENTEEN” in life. When our own situation seems hopeless and we stumble in our own darkness, we can find strength and hope in other peoples stories, helping us to keep on fighting and never give up. If my songs or my stories awakens anything in you or remind you of your way up or out, please share it by sending an email to: or by using the hashtags #myzeroseventeen or #my017 when posting your story on your social medias. As my oldest daughter once said (she’s wiser than her dad sometimes:) – ”If my painful experiences can help somebody else – then my pain hasn’t been in vain”.

We’re in this life together – Let’s try to make it a little better by start making ”lifeshare-moments”.

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Music & Lyrics by Daniel Dahlqvist
Produced, recorded and mixed by Johan Glössner
All instruments by Johan Glössner
Lead vocals by Daniel Dahlqvist
Background vocals by Johan Glössner & Sofia Loell
Mastered by Mats Nilander
Photos by Anders Roos
Video production and A-photo by Ted Karlberg at Attraction Media
Web design & Art Direction by Daniel Karlsson at PCG Malmö
Thanks to Hannah Regestedt